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How to Distinguish Genuine Leather from Synthetic Leather

by Francesco Huang 05 Aug 2023 0 Comments
To distinguish genuine leather bags from synthetic leather ones,you can follow some suggestions and pay attention to certain details. Here are some methods you might find useful:
  1. Examine the surface: Genuine leather will have a surface with natural pores and small imperfections. The synthetic leather will be more uniform and smooth.

  2. Touch and Feel: Genuine leather bags will generally be softer and more flexible than synthetic leather bags. Genuine leather can have a more pleasant and natural touch feeling.

  3. Smell: Genuine leather gives off a characteristic smell, while synthetic leather may have no smell or a slight plastic smell.

  4. Edges and seams: Examine the edges and seams of the bag carefully. Genuine leather will have clean cut edges and well stitched seams, while synthetic leather may show imperfections in the edges and stitching.

  5. Appearance over time: Over time, genuine leather will develop a natural patina and signs of wear, giving the bag a more authentic look. Synthetic leather may age differently or show different signs of deterioration.

  6. Manufacturer Label and Information: Carefully check the labels or information provided by the manufacturer on the bag. Genuine leather bags will often state the material used, while synthetic bags may be clearly labeled as synthetic leather or eco leather.

  7. Price: In general, genuine leather bags are more expensive than synthetic leather bags. A price that is too low could suggest that the bag is synthetic, but keep in mind that some synthetic products can be expensive, so this is not an absolute indicator.

  8. Color Consistency: Genuine leather can have slight variations in color and tone, while synthetic leather tends to be more uniform in color.

Please note that some bags may be made with a combination of materials, such as a genuine leather base and synthetic parts. If you have any doubts about the composition of the material, ask the seller or the manufacturer for assistance.

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